years away from hearing that like we can't even hear that right how I don't know how I it's done it's over with right that's what we think but you need to understand in Hebrew the word for serpent is also the word for Leviathan for sea monster and for dragon same word now we choose to think of she falls when sin enters in and death he deceives over the fruit to I guess I'm a failure he just joins right in that's the actual biblical account that is where we get our stony broken hearts that's why we lust and cheat and leave and use and discard because of that moment of that brokenness like I had I made for one thing and I'm living the exact opposite I know you're thinking to  Sugar balance yourself man we just had so much more fun in the first talk just even a joke Nick that was the joke deal with it and that plunges humanity into this process of sin and redemption in church history and it's a really gloomy time like the next thing we know Cain is killing Abel we have animal sacrifices we have wars we have destruction we

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